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I have always been a storyteller. My bunk was the one all the kids at summer camp would crowd into for the promise of a terrifying tale, and I still enjoy the thrill of moving and entertaining others with language. I’m truly a “Jack of all trades” and write across several genres: poetry, play scripts, short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, memoirs, creative nonfiction, and literary journalism. You can see some of my recently published work and personal style here

Amanda Nail Original, Author/Artist
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The only thing I enjoy more than writing for myself is helping others with their writing. Language starts movements, establishes governments, shapes mindsets, and influences beliefs. I really believe language— the ability to share our ideas and stories with another effectively— is the most substantial power any of us can possess. When I sit down with someone else’s work, that is the passion I bring to the table, and I hope that my time, skills, and expertise will leave you and your work elevated, equipped, and empowered to reach your audience.


Teaching is one of my greatest passions and a trade I’ve been practicing for over half my life. I sincerely believe knowledge is power, and everyone can achieve their dreams with the proper support and guidance. Years of inspiring and engaging teachers changed my life profoundly, and now I seek to be this kind of support system for others. I have experience teaching all grade levels (K-12), but I especially enjoy teaching high school juniors, seniors, and adult learners in and out of college. I teach English III, American Literature, and English I, AP Literature and Composition while serving as a team lead for other educators and providing engaging, active, and relevant workshops and trainings throughout the year.

Multimedia Specialist.

There is always more than one way to tell a story, and there’s nothing more exciting than collaborating with other creative minds and artists to bring a vision to life. My background in theater as an actor, director, and designer makes me the perfect partner for your multimedia needs when it comes to writing, directing, and producing scripts, narration, voice-overs, podcasts, or other forms of media to make your company, publication, or platform stand out.


Art has always been an extension of storytelling, and for me, it is the perfect form of self-expression to share those rare ideas I can’t quite put into words yet. It’s also a wonderful way for me to express and explore new information, and I often create art inspired by the stories or podcasts I am into at the moment. I enjoy working on an intimate scale, creating texture and detail with pen and ink, but I also work in watercolor, acrylics, and murals.