“Mrs. Nail was the best person I could have by my side during the college and scholarship application process It is hands down the best writing I have ever done, and it helped me secure a 100,000 dollar scholarship

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Class of 2026


Workshop Description:

“Write Your Way In: College Essay Masterclass” is a half-day workshop intended to guide juniors and/or seniors in high school through the written essay portion of the college application process. For the best results, it is encouraged that this writing workshop be hosted twice a year: once in the fall for seniors ready to begin applying to colleges, and once in the spring for juniors as they prepare to enter their senior year. By providing students the time and space to focus on their college essays within school hours, with additional support, you help decrease achievement gaps and increase college acceptance rates.

Through this interactive and hands-on workshop, students will understand the role college essays play in their admissions process, familiarize themselves with various college essay prompts, and then be guided, step-by-step through the writing process from start to finish for a college essay prompt of their choice. Together, we will brainstorm, outline, draft, revise, edit, and begin *finalizing a college application essay each student will be proud to submit.

  • Time Requirement: 3 hours or half a school day (ending at lunch or beginning after)
  • Facilities Needed: a room with adequate seating and writing surfaces, that has a computer and projector for presentations.
  • Materials: Students will need writing utensils (pen or pencil), lined paper, and their own device to type on.
    • Pencils and paper can be provided by the instructor upon advanced request
  • Additional Personnel: the provision of at least one campus teacher per class of 15-25 students is required.
  • Additional Resources: Students will be sent home with information about the writing process and tips and tricks about how to continue perfecting future essays on their own.


Amanda Nail is a veteran educator with 10 years of classroom experience teaching English and Literature to juniors and seniors. She is also a freelance journalist, writer, and editor whose work has been published in various local and national publications. In the last three years, she has helped graduating seniors gain acceptance into a variety of public and private universities including UT, TCU, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, and the Naval Academy. Amanda’s help with student essays has also assisted them in earning an estimated $420,000 in scholarships to colleges and universities across the country, to date. She holds a Masters in Writing from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelors in both English and Theater. This expertise, paired with her high energy, positive attitude, and gift for inspiring others provides students an engaging and rewarding learning experience.

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$320 per workshop
(maximum of 25 students per workshop).

*every student’s relationship with the writing process is different, so results will vary in regards to how “ready for submission” each student’s essay is by the end of the workshop. Writing is dependent upon a student’s commitment to engage in the process.