Service Agreement

This Service Agreement (the Agreement) shall be entered into between the person whose name and information is provided at checkout, (The Author) and Amanda Nail Original (The Editor). The Agreement shall set forth the rules, conditions, and restrictions regarding the commissions, essays/applications, and manuscript evaluation services offered by The Editor and provided to The Author on behalf of the materials to be published (The Work).

  1. Conditions of Agreement. This Agreement is only valid under the conditions that: The Author agrees to submit a complete and valid Service Agreement to The Editor for The Work; that The Work or its concept is accepted by The Editor for review; that The Editor receives from The Author required payment as specified in the Service Agreement for the service of commissions, editing, review, and/or evaluations of The Author’s work; that The Author has selected one of The Editor’s services specified on the Service Agreement and outlined in Addendum A (pg.3 of the provided document). For all services.
  2. Fees. The Editor will not proceed with the service until the agreed-upon payment has been received. Payment for all services must meet the following conditions set forth by The Editor:
    • College Application / Scholarship Essay Help – The Author agrees to furnish the editor with payment based upon service selection (Full Process, Proofreading, Additional Editing).
    • Manuscript Evaluations – in addition to the set fees outlined in Addendum A, The Author agrees to reimburse The Editor for extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses incurred in fulfilling this Service Agreement, including, but not limited to: photocopying, couriers, and/or postage.
  3. Work Performed. The Editor agrees upon execution of Paragraph 1 of this agreement to make modifications to The Work according to the description of the service(s) outlined in Addendum A. The Editor and Author acknowledge that The Editor will do their best to identify and correct errors and improve the quality of The Work to conform to professional standards. Authors will have direct contact with The Editor.
  4. Approval Process. For all services: The Editor agrees to send to The Author documents for review: a Word or Google document with all changes made and showing queries only, a PDF of The Work showing all track changes and queries, and a style sheet (multi-page report). The Author agrees to make any suggested changes to the edited Work on the Word document and to return it, to The Editor for final review. The Author will be held responsible for all changes made to The Work as they appear in the final proof version. The Editor agrees to make no further changes, additions, or deletions to the edited Work without The Author’s consent after the final review.
  5. Indemnification. Editing is the process of offering advice and suggestions to The Author. While The Editor will make every effort to bring questionable material to the attention of The Author, the Author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Editor from any and all claims and demands, including legal fees, arising out of any alleged libel or copyright infringement committed by The Author in creating The Work.
  6. Transmission of Agreement. The Service Agreement will be binding upon providing a signed copy of this agreement to Amanda Nail (via email, fax, mail, or hand delivery) and/or payment of the agreed upon fee(s) to Amanda Nail (via cash, check, money transfer, or electronic payment). The Agreement contains the entire agreement between The Author and The Editor and supersedes all prior agreements and communications between The Author and The Editor concerning the subjects contained herein. The Agreement, and all required forms, may not be amended orally, but only by an agreement in writing (this includes email).

This agreement shall be governed by the State of Texas, USA. The Editor agrees to the terms of this agreement by completing their service purchase.