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    I always come to ANO with college and scholarship essays, and her suggestions always make my writing better. I highly suggest working with her.

    Legacy HS, class of 2023

    Working with Amanda on my projects is so easy and effortless. She takes the stress and fear out of the writing process with her creativity and energy. She is a true wordsmith. Amanda takes the time to understand your overall goals and how you want your audience to receive your message and work hand-in-hand with you to make your message clear and beautiful. She is so full of positive, high energy that I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional writer.

    Jennifer Mendez, Ed.D

    This past 2022 – 2023 school year in AP Lit with Mrs. Nail has been incredible. Her teaching style is very holistic and well-rounded. She breaks down the text no matter what genre to reveal the complexity and beauty of the work, and her influence has inspired me to do this beyond the classroom in other areas of my life. Mrs. Nail has helped me with a few scholarships and college admissions essays. The creativity and passion she brings to each writing session helped me authentically convey who I am (which college programs love to see). I have had about a 100% success rate in acceptance and scholarship at every university I submitted that essay to. It would not have been possible without Mrs. Nail.

    Zoe Mazzare

    Legacy Class of ‘23

    Mrs. Nail was the best person I could have by my side during the college and scholarship application process. She worked with me for six weeks to help me solidify just one scholarship essay. It is hands down the best writing I have ever done, and it helped me secure a $100,000 scholarship that covered everything from tuition and fees, room and board, study abroad, a laptop, and a $10,000 yearly stipend. She not only guided me in the brainstorming process but was able to offer insight into my writing that Grammarly could not compete with. She is the reason I will be debt free through undergrad and the reason I will be financially capable of attending dental school. Love you, Mrs. Nail!

    Colleen Gilliland

    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Class of 2026

    I know Amanda Nail as my senior year English teacher, and I remember coming into her class every day excited to engage in meaningful dialogue and lessons that will challenge the way I think. Her classroom was one of the most inclusive spaces I’ve been a part of all throughout high school, as I felt like I could go to her for advice, essay help, or just simply to talk and catch up. She was and continues to be a transformative part of my educational career.

    Kawsar Yasin

    Harvard University Class of 2026

    Amanda has edited many of my essays, but perhaps the most important one was my personal statement for my CommonApp college application. Working with her was a highlight; she was encouraging while also pointing out things I would have never caught on my own. She gave very insightful feedback that took my essay to the next level. With that personal essay, I got into Southern Methodist University with a scholarship covering half of my tuition as well as Duke University.

    Overall, Amanda provides great feedback on essays and papers while not changing the voice of the writer. She also makes sure to encourage you throughout the writing process. Something I struggle with is losing the motivation to write, but Amanda is always encouraging while giving feedback.

    Amanda has had a huge impact on my writing journey and my love of English. Before entering her class, I had never liked English and did not think I was good at it. Throughout the year I spent in her AP English 4 class, and the time I spent with her editing my college essays, I found my love for English and writing. Her classroom environment is comforting while challenging; she always pushes you to be the best while showing encouragement. There is no one I can recommend more than Amanda as an educator and editor.

    Hope Rhoads

    Duke University Class of ‘26

    Amanda was the perfect editor for the paper I completed for the TxETA Higher Education Conference! I tend to write in a very structured, academic format. However, for this particular presentation, I was writing about something personal and I appreciated the guidance she provided through her feedback. She offered well thought out phrasing, focused on consistency within the narrative, and made a point to give positive comments along the way. I look forward to working with Amanda for any future writing endeavors.

    Shawna Lynch

    Caldwell Arts Academy-K-5 Theatre

    I am a MSW Graduate Student at UTA in my final semester working on my Integrative Seminar assignment which will total nearly 40 pages upon completion. With Amanda’s expert editing and grammar skills, I am able to ensure that my paper is clear, concise, and ready for submission. I know I’m turning in an A+ paper thanks to her recommendations and guidance. I can always count on Amanda to assist me with my writing without changing my voice. Thank you Amanda for your encouragement and support!

    Nicole Cromeans

    University Of Texas at Arlington, Class of 2023

    Mrs. Nail is truly a master of her craft! She is a great resource for high school seniors applying for college, or anyone that needs help articulating their words and bringing their ideas to pen and paper! Amanda is what I needed in the transfer process from junior college to Texas A&M University. Truly thankful for her patience, knowledge, and support! Now I get to say, Gig’em Aggies 👍🏻

    Olivia Terburgh

    Texas A&M University

    Having Mrs. Nail help me with my college essay was the best decision I could have ever made for my colligate success. Other than Mrs. Nail being an excellent teacher, she provides an in depth analysis of your essays and what you need to fix in order to improve it. She is willing to take additional time to provide as much feedback as possible, and is very supportive throughout the whole process. I am so thankful for Mrs. Nail, and for all the hard work and passion she puts into her job. I am always excited to see her whether it is for revising my college essay or stepping into her classroom. I would definitely recommend her services to achieve much more than you could imagine.

    Moussa El-Jor

    Legacy, Class of ’24

    I have had the privilege of having Mrs. Nail for AP English IV, and she is one of the most hard-working and creative educators at Tyler Legacy. In addition, Mrs. Nail helped me with my college essays for the U.S. Naval Academy and traditional universities. We worked from brainstorming to submission, and with each step in the process, she helped guide me to craft solid essays that effectively communicated who I was to various audiences. I am very appreciative of her willingness to go above and beyond to help me feel confident with my college essays.

    Noah Kimmel

    USNA Class of 2028