Full Writing Process: Start to Finish ($180 for a minimum of 3 in-person sessions)


What You Are Paying For:

  • Three one-hour sessions (in-person or over Zoom)
  • Personalized guidance through the writing process
  • A professional, ready-to-submit, final draft of your essay (with acceptance of provided feedback)


** ANO does not sell custom essays. **

Session 1: Amanda will get to know your student’s likes, interests, and unique experiences as they may relate to the scholarship, essay, or application prompts. From there, we will brainstorm ideas together, and the student will then take those notes home and be expected to write a rough draft before our next meeting.

Session 2: Once the student’s rough draft is completed, we will sit down together to review what is and isn’t working and workshop new ideas and strategies together, making revisions and notes throughout. These notes will be taken home, and the student will need to apply these notes to complete a draft as close to “finished” as possible before our next meeting.

Session 3: Once the student has completed their almost-final draft, they will work with Amanda to polish it and finalize it for “publication” (submission) to their university or scholarship program, and the process will be complete!

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