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    Our collective human history is made by multitudes, yet recounted through the names of only a few.


    ANO General Commissions Request

    In need of a skilled and creative writer to pull in readers to your blog, magazine, newspaper, or website? Struggling with cool, calm, and professional communication within your organization? Are you having trouble expressing complex processes, instructions, or concepts to people outside your expertise? Need a script for a commercial or a ghostwriter for your memoir? Perhaps you just need the right words to communicate with your child’s teacher or need a copy editor to check your grammar, punctuation, and syntax. When it comes to writing, there is no service ANO can’t provide. Amanda is always up for a challenge and works in various writing styles and subjects in fiction, nonfiction, technical writing, and professional and personal communication. Simply ask, and you shall receive! I am excited to begin working with you!

    *Amanda Nail reserves the right to accept or reject commission requests related to previously accepted commission deadlines. Payment for her services must be received upon the day of the agreed-upon deadline for your writing project.

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      ANO College Application/Scholarship Essay Help

      ** ANO does not sell custom essays. **

      When it comes to college admissions, the only thing separating your application from another student whose GPA, test scores, and rank look just like yours are the short answer and essay portions of the application. Colleges know high-caliber students can “make the grade,” but what they can’t know from those numbers is who you are. Amanda Nail is an expert at helping young adults and adult students alike find their voice and share their unique experiences so colleges see everything you have to offer that other applicants can’t because they aren’t uniquely you. ANO’s application and essay service will support and/or guide your student through the writing process to help them discover and use their own unique voice to ensure colleges get a full picture of who they are, not as a series of numbers on a page, but as a person.

      Full Writing Process: Start to Finish ($180 for a minimum of 3 in-person sessions)
      Students can be guided through the entire writing process from brainstorming, drafting, revising & editing, and “publication” through three in-person sessions with Amanda. This option is ideal for students who struggle to know where to start or how to answer writing prompts. Should a student need further assistance outside the three sessions, an additional fee of $60 per in-person session will apply, or an additional $30 for final drafts shared digitally.

      Prewritten Essay in Need of Professional Proof Reading ($60 per completed essay)
      Some students may already have a completed rough draft that needs to be revised and edited to ensure professionalism and clarity. Depending on your student’s learning style, they may wish to meet in person or simply share their document with Amanda online through a shared document in Google. This type of proofreading service often results in advising students to make significant changes to their work, but whether or not those changes are accepted is at the applicant’s discretion. Once revisions and edits are accepted, if the student feels their work needs to be looked over again, an additional fee of $30 will be applied.

      Additional Essay / Application Revisions ($30 per every resubmission)
      For additional review after original revisions and edits are accepted. Files must be shared digitally.


      Manuscript Evaluation


      The hardest step of the writing process is sharing your work with others. The fear of judgment and rejection is real, but with the right kind of support and constructive feedback, any writer can feel more at ease. ANO provides passionate, encouraging, and laser-focused feedback to check your work for clarity, consistency, and correctness with actionable feedback whether you are in the midst of the creative process or on the verge of publication.

      ANO works with writers to develop payment plans as needed. Writers may also choose to submit a portion of their manuscript to start (first few chapters) to get a feel for Amanda’s editorial style and feedback before moving forward. Payment plans and pricing will vary per genre & length of manuscripts.

      *All manuscript services require a deposit of $200 after accepting the contract before the evaluation of your manuscript begins. To be considered for this service, manuscripts must be at least 20 pages long. For shorter works, please fill out the “ANO General Commission Request” form.

      What You’re Paying For:

      Within 3-4 weeks (depending on the length of the manuscript), authors will receive the following:

      • A multi-page written report that addresses your manuscript’s readability, narrative arc, imagery, character development, plot, pacing, tensions, dialogue, voice, as well as the successes of the manuscript as a whole and suggestions of areas in need of development.
      • Inline commentary/feedback for general and (some) specific suggestions for improvements based on genre, the author’s publishing goals, and target audience
      • Insight into pitching the manuscript to publishers and readers

      Within 3-4 weeks (depending on the length of the manuscript), authors will receive the following:

      • A multi-page written report that addresses your manuscript’s readability, voice, structure and organization, the flow within and between chapters, pacing, and the overall framing of the book.
      • Inline commentary/feedback for general and (some) specific suggestions for improvements related to the author’s publishing goals and target audience, as well as where the author needs to cut or elaborate/expand.
      • Insight into pitching the manuscript to publishers and readers

      If users of these services want further feedback on pages that have been revised and edited based on ANO’s previously provided feedback, additional charges will be applied using the same criteria for the initial submission unless otherwise agreed upon. The writer decides how much of their original manuscript is resubmitted for further evaluation, revision, editing, or proofreading.

      Is this service for you?

      • You have written some or all of your manuscript and completed your own basic revisions to grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.
      • You can clearly and easily explain what your book is about and who its intended audience is.
      • You need guidance on self-editing your manuscript to better appeal to your target audience and/or literary agents.
      • You’re worried about the flow, organization, and/or pacing of your book
      • This is your first book
      • You want to make your manuscript marketable and ready for publication
      • You need developmental editing instead (guided help through the book writing process)
      • You can’t handle constructive critiques or feedback
      • There are still revisions you can make on your own
      • You need copy editing instead (help with grammar, punctuation, style, syntax, and spelling. This is a separate service.)